KUALA LUMPUR (APP) Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday proposed for the removal of all non-tariff barriers to facilitate intra D-8 Group trade to meet the challenges posed by global economic slow down as well as to stimulate economic recovery in members countries. Pakistan also called for regional cooperation to eliminate terrorists, as the menace could not be tackled alone. He was speaking at the 12th opening session of the D-8 Council of Ministers meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, according to a message by Pakistans High Commission in Malaysia. He said the terrorists were getting money through various illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, to finance their activities that could not be curbed by Pakistan alone. Qureshi reiterated Pakistans commitment to fight terror. When asked about the approaches adopted by Pakistan to root out terrorism, Qureshi said a multi-pronged measure should be taken including economic development to narrow the gap between various communities and bringing stability to the country. He was referring to the 3Ds approach of dialogue, development, and deterrence. The minister said it was encouraging to note that since its inception in 1997, the intra D-8 trade had quadrupled from US$14.5 to US$61 billion.This, he said, however, is much below than the potential of D-8 countries; therefore, we need to take concrete measures, to leverage the true potential of D-8 member countries. According to Qureshi, D-8 with its more than 930 million population has a promising future with vast natural resources such as oil and gas, mineral and agriculture, scientific know how and industrial manpower. He said to benefit from these opportunities, D-8 countries needed to invest in research and development and human resource development. Our mutual cooperation in learning from each other experiences and sharing good practices would certainly help in achieving shared objectives, he added. Qureshi said in order to make the organization more relevant and vibrant, there was a need to focus on expanding mutual economic cooperation, and increasing intra organizational trade and commerce. He suggested that the D-8 countries should work toward achieving the modest target of US$200 billion intra D-8 trade by 2012. The FM said Pakistan offers one of the most liberal investment regimes in the region. All sectors are open for any foreign investment without any restriction on repatriation of capital and dividend. He invited the entrepreneurs from D-8 countries and beyond, to come to Pakistan and benefit from Pakistans liberal investment regime. He said, in turn, Pakistan would guarantee protection of their investment and help them in every possible way. He also urged the public and private sector in D-8 countries to come together and invest in the development and promotion of tourism industry in Pakistan as it is blessed with great scenic and archaeological wealth. He said Pakistan aspires to become a trade and energy corridor at the crossroad of South-Central and West Asia. In the context of D-8 countries, we should pay special attention to strengthen shipping linkages, for expansion of trade and commercial relations, he said. He said Pakistan had already developed a modern port at Gwadar, very close to the straits of Hormuz, to facilitate commercial activities and transit trade with Central Asian states. Qureshi said Pakistan as an agrarian economy, would be happy to share its technical know how with other member countries to ensure food security in the group. He suggested that D-8 countries should pay special attention to boost agricultural productivity; through introduction of modern techniques and hybrid seeds, as it was the most effective tool to alleviate the poverty in rural areas, he added. Qureshi also mentioned climate change as another area where D-8 countries should focus. He extended full support of Pakistan to a new comprehensive and scientific approach to vulnerability, covering physical, economic and climate related aspects.