ISLAMABAD In the wake of prevailing security situation, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Acting Executive Director Dr Altaf on Monday directed hospital administration for provision of psychological support for trauma victims. In this regard, two mental health professionals form the Psychiatry department will be on standby in the eventuality of any untoward incident. Dr Altaf stated in press release issued here that the PIMS services would draw on the extensive experience the psychiatry department has had in dealing with earthquake victims and the IDPS. He further continued that PIMS has always provided quality care to victims as well as routine patients. In his statement Prof Rizwan Taj Head of Psychiatry informed that a range of short term and long term psychological complications could happen because of any untoward incident. He maintained that these include, panic, anxiety, insomnia, grief reaction, acute stress disorder, depression, somatisation, post-traumatic stress disorder. If not properly handled the disorders can be crippling enough to disable the persons functioning for many years, he added. He continued that the intervention during crises includes debriefing sessions and apart from providing support at that time it also has a role in preventing long-term complication, which can be devastating for the sufferers. The different teams have been provided specific trainings to handle such problems, he noted.