KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company has issued a 24-hour disconnection notice to the Police Department for payment of Rs300 million outstanding amounts and has sent final warning to four town administrations to pay dues otherwise power supply to streetlights will be curtailed. KESC Chief Operating Officer (Distribution) Jan Abbas Zaidi while a speaking at a media briefing here on Monday, he said that the KESC administration had been in contact with the Police Department to resolve the issue but there were no results. Finally, the department has been asked to issue a schedule for payment by Tuesday (today) otherwise electricity supply to police stations and police employees colonies across the City will be cut off, he declared. He was accompanied by Tayyab Tareen, Group Chief Financial Officer, and Ovais Naqvi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. He said that this decision had been taken as a last resort because otherwise the Police were always supporting the utility during raids against electricity theft and other such activities. However, the outstanding amount was huge and there had been confirmed reports of illegal use of electricity in police employees colonies as well. He further said that negotiations for payment of dues had also in progress with the Clifton Cantonment Board too. On the other hand, the administrations of Faisal Town, Gulberg, Lyari and Malir have been sent final warnings to the effect that in case of non-payment, power supply to streetlights in those areas will either be curtailed after midnight or totally severed. He recalled that the 18 towns of the metropolis owed KESC a huge amount of over Rs1 billion. Giving out operational update, Jan Abbas said that at 2:00pm on Monday, the total demand from the electricity in the City stood at 1,868 megawatts while the utility had been supplying 1,655 MWs with a shortfall of 213 MWs. This deficit was due to the tripping of IPPs DCL and Gul Ahmed which were expected to come back online by the evening. The tripping at Bin Qasim KCR Circuit had taken place at 3:30pm and had been restored within 25 minutes. Wapda had been supplying 630 MWs, IPP KANUPP 78 MWs, and other IPPs 103 MWs. During the previous 24 hours, the utility had repaired 20 cable faults against 24 faults registered during the period. The affected areas included National Highway where high tension wire had been stolen affecting 11 PMTs. In Lyari, a conductor had been broken while in KDA a conductor had gone missing.