KARACHI - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is likely to launch one window operation soon in order to facilitate the subscribers who are facing troubles in getting their SIMs blocked already issued illegally against their CNICs. It was observed that the process of blocking the record number of illegal SIMs is found cumbersome as the subscribers have to roam around the service centres to get their illegal SIMs blocked. Keeping this hectic process in view, the PTA is planning to launch one window operation to console the subscribers. Sources told The Nation that the zonal officials of PTA are receiving complaints of people who are facing difficulties in SIM blocking at the service centres of mobile operators. These service centres are taking 45 days time to complete the process. Thus, the authority has decided to launch one window operation not only in the bigger cities of the country but in the remote areas as well, and in this regard the zonal officials of the authority has conducted surveys and sent the results to the chairman. The zonal director PTA Karachi Abdul Batin said that it has been disclosed in the surveys the PTA conducted lately regarding the outcome of the 668 service that most of the subscribers find it difficult to visit the franchises of different many mobile operators to get their illegal SIMs blocked amidst their other responsibilities. He further said that PTA is going to make the retailers of SIMs responsible for facilitating the subscribers considering the fact that the numbers of franchises are limited, or non-existent, in many parts of the area due to their geographical location. It is pertinent to mention that the SIM information system 668 by PTA has been a vital step to make the ignorant subscribers of cellular companies aware as how many SIMs have been issued against their CNICs.