ISLAMABAD (Online) Most of the Private Educational Institutes in the federal capital have been reopened on Monday after a gap of two weeks. While the educational institutes in Rawalpindi were closed again after a bomb blast in Sadar area of Rawalpindi. The schools of the twin cities were closed down after attack at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi and International Islamic University Islamabad. However after a gap of one week the government and army schools reopened but due to security concerns most of the private schools chose to remain closed. On Monday, most of the schools reopened in Islamabad with the exception of those operating under Beacon House Schools System. Meanwhile all the schools across Rawalpindi were closed after the blast that occurred outside Shalimar Hotel in Cantonment Area on Monday in which 20 people were killed A large number of panicked parents rushed to schools to collect their children after the blast. According to the media reports the private schools were ordered by the special branch of the police to adhere to the strict security standards which include verification of security guards deployed at schools, stickers for school vehicles and office cards for the employees. It also advises that school boundary walls be minimum eight feet high. The prescribed security measures also include arms licences to all owners of schools for security purpose. Schools concentrated in one area should jointly arrange security. Walk-through gates are mandatory for schools where student enrolment is over 1,000. Other schools shall place scanners at entry points. The schools should also install CCTV cameras. Area police officers and magistrates would monitor these security arrangements.