ISLAMABAD Pakistani staff associated with United Nations is still uncertain about its future in the international body with the enhancement of security level in FATA and NWFP. The UN on Sunday had finally enhanced its security to level IV amid much speculations regarding the possibility of adopting emergent measures by the international body, for the last four months under the existing law and order situation. The enhancement of security level at level IV implies that UN would conduct its operations in the most emergent areas like humanitarian assistance, security and food supply, while all other operations in FATA and NWFP would be closed with international staff to be relocated to alternative locations. UN Public Information Officer Billi Bierling told TheNation that all the long-term projects would be closed down with exception to humanitarian aid provided to the IDPs of Malakand Division, Bajaur, and South Waziristan. Our humanitarian operations for the displaced people regarding food, shelter and ration supply would carry on as usual but the long-term operations would be closed down, she said adding that the international staff would be relocated to other countries very soon as per the decision of UN. Contrary to what Billi said, another local UN official said that the international body did not intend to closed down any of its project whether long or short-term. The official referred to UNs media release in which, any details regarding the closure of any project were not given. Therefore, the official argued, there was no such possibility of the closure of any project in the near future and the decision was applicable on international staff only, which had been directed to relocate. The claim of the aforementioned official could be confronted on the grounds that the official statement of UN issued on Monday clearly specifies that UN would continue its operations in emergency areas only, meaning that other areas of operations would be given a halt. The statement says, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has declared Phase IV (Emergency Operations) in FATA and NWFP with immediate effect. The decision has been taken bearing in mind the intense security situation in the region. The impact of phase IV is reduced international UN staff member in NWFP and FATA, with presence of only those vital for emergency, humanitarian relief, security operations or any other essential operations as advised by the Secretary General."