KARACHI Masood Akhtar Chik, a former first class cricketer from Karachi and member Executive Board of the USA Cricket Association, has said the US is ready to host Pakistan India cricket series anytime and become makeshift off-shore venue for the two sports rivals. Commenting on a suggestion of the Indian deputy foreign minister Shahsi Tharoor that the two neighbors could select USA as an off-shore venue to play each other, Masood Chik talking to The Nation on long distance call from Chicago said on Monday if it happens, it will be a dream come true for the USACA which itself is striving to host the two countries for the last two years. Since becoming associate member of the ICC after an official USACA came into being through elections held under the supervision of the ICC, he said the association has approached both the Indian and Pakistan boards with the offer to play in the USA but there was no response from any of the board. He said the USACA, headed by the New York based businessman of West Indian origin Mr Dainty, is the body officially running cricket in the USA but lamented that a couple of Pakistani Americans with connections at home with former Test stars were still trying to run a parallel organisation. He advised former Pakistan Test cricketers to stay away from patronising persons in the USA who were trying to interfere in the affairs of the official body. He said the USA has enough first class playing facilities to host such a competition. There was a new cricket exclusive stadium in Broward County in Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida where a series between the two teams could be held easily at a short notice. The stadium could easily accommodate about 15,000 spectators and has good pavilion and a turf wicket. It has held a number of national events in the recent past. As far as sponsorship of the competition of such a magnitude was concerned, he said there were a number of rich expatriates from the subcontinent willing to support India Pakistan contest but all that they want was that it should be the ICC organised official event. The USACA would also welcome sponsors from the sub continent. Indians as well as Pakistani sponsors could provide helping hand in the hosting of the event, he said. He, however, reminded that cricket was a weekend sports in the States. Both the players and the spectators were willing to play and visit games held on Saturday and Sunday. But International competition could be held on a long weekend when people get three days official holidays, he added. He agreed that there was a huge following of the game amongst Indians, Pakistanis and the West Indians settled in the USA. They actively participate in cricket events organised by the USACA. USA has been actively taking part in a number of events organised by the ICC and has the official status to host an International event, he added.