LAHORE - Nishat Group chairman Mian Muhammad Mansha has said that the PML-N government is moving in the right direction as it is taking correct decisions in spite of several challenges. He expressed hope that the positive results of government decisions will start coming in from Jan 2014.

Talking to TheNation Editor Salim Bokhari in his programme ‘Insight’ on Waqt News, Mian Mansha said that PM Nawaz is doing a good and positive politics, as he offered KPK government to the PTI and accepted mandate of the Pakistan Peoples Party in Sindh. Nawaz even did not interfere in Balochistan despite majority and got Dr. Abdul Malik elected as the CM of the province with a view to pacify the angry Balochis, he added. However, he admitted that the issue of appointment of high officials is pending yet and it would be resolved very soon, he expressed hope.

Mian Muhammad Mansha, who is Pakistan’s most outstanding and visionary corporate leader as well as the wealthiest man, observed that the real problem in the country is that honest people usually avoid coming up to lead the country, as he himself resigned as director of the PIA within a week due to wrong propaganda and rumours against him.

Talking on the issue of energy crisis, Mian Mansha informed that the PML-N government is working hard in this regard by initiating short-term, medium-term and long-term projects, besides adding additional power of 1600MW in the national grid. He also stressed the need for constructing large water reservoirs under the long term plans.

“Kalabagh Dam is the only project which can be initiated immediately. The government, to create consensus, should conduct referendum on Kalabagh Dam (KBD), besides starting work on other big dams.”

He stated that government had planned to build three LNG terminals but unfortunately tender for this project had to be cancelled. However, he said, the work on LNG project is being done on fast track basis and hopefully 580 million cubic feet LNG will be included in the system in November next year while another 2000 million cubic feet LNG will be added to the system by 2015.

He also suggested the government to offer batter rates to gas companies so that they could be attracted in exploring oil and gas at maximum level.

Mian Mansha, on privatization issue, stated that through privatization process state-run enterprises can be made profitable, adding that it would also be beneficial for the general public.

Giving examples of privatization of the banking sector, he said that the MCB Bank is now employing more than 20,000 people while under the public sector, it was providing jobs to just 17000 people. He stressed the need for selling PIA as well as the Pakistan Steels to private parties to control losses.

He appreciated the present government, saying it has good economic managers, however it was necessary to approach the international lenders, he said and added that IMF is not against Pakistan as it just wants to keep us in discipline.

Mian Mansha appreciated former prime minister and finance minister Shaukat Aziz, as the country got rid of IMF in his era and still he is trying to convince foreign investors to invest in Pakistan.

On the role of FBR, the Nishat Group chairman said that revenue has increased but loss of public sector institutions is multiplying so it is fundamental to control this loss, he stressed.

Regarding Muzaffargarh power plant, he disclosed that high quantity of oil is stealed while transported to the power plant from Parko refinery.

He viewed that government’s role in the lives of citizens should be eliminated for positive results and all power distribution companies should be handed over to private sector to minimize the government role in electricity provision to the public.

He did not given importance to imposition of agri income tax, as it would not be fruitful.

“Large scale landholders are now in very small numbers. Even if they are taxed, the amount of tax collected from them would not more than the loss of a single power distribution company.”