ISLAMABAD - Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Friday said that the Supreme Court judgment in the Aasia Bibi case is a legal matter and dragging Pakistan Army into it is regrettable.

Talking to the state-owned PTV, he said that the government is currently engaged with the protesters and “we want amicable and peaceful resolution of the current situation.”

The ISPR director general, however, made it clear that the Army will play its constitutional role if requested by the government.

He also said it was up to the government to decide what steps it wanted to take to tackle the situation and said the Army would take action against the protesters only if the government asked for its assistance.

He said the matter should not be pushed to the level where the Army is given the responsibility to tackle the situation.

Maj-Gen Asif Ghafoor said those protesting should let the legal process complete in the Aasia Bibi case. He advised the protesters to seek a legal solution to their grievances. He referred to a review petition against the Supreme Court's decision, filed by Qari Muhammad Salam, and said they should wait for the court to decide the matter.

"Unfortunately, the Army is dragged into every matter," he said when asked about some anti-military statements issued by protesters. "This is a legal matter and it is sad that negative statements are being issued against the Army."

"We are tolerating a lot," he added, pointing out that there are certain limitations imposed by the Constitution on what can be said about state institutions, and that action could be taken in case of violation of these.

He said the Army is currently engaged in the war on terror and it is close to winning it. “Islam promotes peace and harmony,” he said. “The Army is engaged in eliminating terrorism from the country. It should not be distracted from its goal.”

“We should not be distracted and warned that our enemies want to create anarchy and chaos in the country,” the ISPR director general said.

He said that statements should not be given against the Army besides rule of law be respected. He said Islam preaches peace, patience and tolerance and we should follow these golden principles as well as abide by the law. He also said no compromise can be made on the sanctity of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).



Army shouldn’t be dragged into every

matter: ISPR