ISLAMABAD - Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan (TJP) chief Abdullah Hamid Gul Friday made a hairbreadth escape of assassination near Old Airport amid a planned attack by unknown assailants.

Abdullah, son of former ISI chief Hamid Gul , was ambushed by unknown persons near Old Airport, after he was coming back from Maulana Samiul Haq’s residence.

Talking to a private news channel, he said, “I was driving my jeep when two old cars came close to me hence obstructing my car. I timely observed weapons in their hands so I drove my vehicle to the other side of the road median and the assailants could not chase me as they were stuck. I saw the flame of gunshots through the rear mirror as they fired 7-8 bullets at me,” he added. To a question, he said, “The security agencies last year had informed me that I was on the hit list of anti-state elements.

“I have written letters to the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad and Home Department Punjab to inform them about the situation,” he added. Abdullah Gul said that he was among the main leaders of Difa e Pakistan Council and playing active role to resolve conflicts faced by the country. He added that the anti-state elements did not tolerate people like him, who were making efforts to keep the country stable. Maulana Sami and Abdullah's father, retired Lt Gen Hamid Gul , had both been involved in Afghan war at various stages.