islamabad - The federal capital hospitals remained on high alert to meet any medical emergency after the Threek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR) announced a wheel jammed strike on Friday.  The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) had issued an official order to all federal capital hospitals including Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) Polyclinic, and Capital Development Authority (CDA) to remain on high alert due to the law and order situation. 

The notice issued said “In order to avoid any untoward incident and strengthen the security of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)  during the judgment by the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan in a sensitive case on 31-10-2018, it is requested that all the hospitals  in Islamabad may be kept on high alert from 30th October, 2018 till further order”. The hospitals have taken special measures to meet any emergency situation, but the patients, doctors and other medical staff faced difficulties in reaching their respective hospitals.

The Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) Polyclinic which is located near Aabpara market cancelled all the leaves of the staff and increased the medical facilities amid the security measures. Spokesperson Polyclinic hospital Dr Shareef Astori informing about the measures taken by the hospital said that number of departments in the city had announced the holiday and the attendance of people also remained thin due to fear in the city. But, the hospital has increased its capacity in the emergency department while the medical staff has been assigned to remain on call for 24 hours until further orders.

Dr Shareef however said that the Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) received a very low number of patients as there was no transport for the citizens to reach the hospital.  He also said that the medical staff residing in Rawalpindi and nearby areas of Islamabad is facing difficulties in reaching on the hospital.  He also added that the staff is facing difficulties in communication as well since the government has suspended the telecommunication services in the city. “The on duty staff has to communicate with family members and non availability of telecom services is causing a big inconvenience,” he said.  He said that along with increasing the number of medical staff, the hospital has also increased the number of medicines and blood bags to cope with any emergency situation.  Dr Shareef also said that senior administration including Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director of the hospital will also remain on duty. Meanwhile, PIMS administration also took special measures following the orders of the city administration, increasing its strength in emergency. Spokesperson PIMS Dr Waseem Khawaja said that extra beds have been reserved in the emergency department while the number of staff has also been increased during the high alert situation. “Around 700 officials of the PIMS are on duty until the situation is normalized,” he said.

He also said that the hospital has sufficient stock of blood, while ambulances are also ready and are reserved for high alert situations. He said that the head of departments including orthopaedics, medicine and surgery are also on call due to the current situation. “Surgeons, physicians are on high alert while operation theaters have been also given extra staff and arrangements for extra operations if needed”, he said. Dr Waseem also said that the hospital has made an emergency disaster plan to meet any untoward situation. The number of medicines and surgical equipment has been reserved for the emergency disaster plan.