KARACHI  -  An 11-year-old boy who lost his limbs due to the power utility negligence in a locality of Karachi, has regained artificial limbs thanks to a Multan doctor.

11-year old Haris lost both arms as a result of getting electrocuted by high tension wires recently.

Haris was admitted to Civil hospital Karachi. His rickshaw driver father, Abdul Qayyum said that his son was playing on the roof on July 25 this year, when he slipped and got tangled up with the high tension wires.

Haris was shifted to the hospital and the doctors successfully managed to save his life but had to cut off both his arms. He spent a month at the Burns Centre of Civil Hospital under treatment.

His father pleaded for help for his son’s treatment and said the doctors told him that Haris needed to be shifted to a private hospital for the procedure. Doctors said arms of the boy had to be cut off to save his life as the infection would’ve spread to the rest of his body.

The doctors further said that the child will get prosthetic arms but the procedure is complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

The incident turned the life of the affected child and his family upside down.

But Multan’s Dr Akram, who is a specialist in implantation of artificial limbs, promised the family to treat Haris and provide him the capacity to do things in a normal way.

Dr Akram has now honoured his promise with the family and implanted the child artificial limbs successfully after a surgical process for three days.

Haris now can pick things like a normal person and his parents are also happy to see rehabilitation of their child.

Dr Akram has also promised the family to provide artificial limbs and medical support to the child for life.