KARACHI  -  Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Sub Inspector Zeeshan Shaikh said that the Anti Human Trafficking Cell, FIA in collaboration with the United Nation office of drugs control take the action against human traffickers through special laws approved by the government.

He said that Pakistan is the only country where highest number of human traffickers are caught and sent to jails. This was stated by FIA Sub Inspector Zeeshan Shaikh while he was briefing to the students and teachers of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi on Human Trafficking is a serious crime at University campus on Friday.

On this occasion, he highlighted upon the aspects, factors and reasons involved in human trafficking. He also told about the conventional modus operandi of the traffickers and said that how they strike the soft targets in the society and motivates the victims by giving theme dreams for a brighter future and luring for handsome salary packages and incentives.

He further comprehended the effects and consequences which victim’s faces after being trafficked. He said that the traffickers used to take huge amount from the victims for transporting them either to Gulf region, Malaysia, Africa, Europe and many other countries.

Shaikh said that students are one of the soft targets for the traffickers and advised MAJU students to be aware from all the hazards and to keep them away from these traffickers. He said that Pakistan is used as transit country for human trafficking for our neighboring countries Bangladesh, Afghanistan, China and Burma’s peoples.

He said that at first these peoples are taken to Gawader from Lea Market, Karachi through buses and letter dispatched for Dubai through boats.