President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi on Saturday has said that his party motive is to make Pakistan better.

He was addressing an International Conference “A world of tomorrow-Reimagined” held in Karachi, today, Alvi said, “Our motto is to provide a better Pakistan” adding to improve the educational system is their first priority.

President said that provision of education to masses according to modern era is the need of hour. He directed that private institutes should work on provision of education to helpless people.

Arif Alvi said that the government and private institutes will have to play their roles in the education department.

He said he did a great work for the betterment of government schools as member national assembly.

Pakistan gave us a lot but we cannot do much in return for it. He said the positive use of the internet and technology is very important for the progress of the country.

A World of Tomorrow Reimagined”, the latest in the School of Tomorrow (SOT) conference series, is being held from November 3 to 4 in Karachi.

This event is comprising scholars, policy-makers, social activists and media persons getting together to discuss the emerging issues within contemporary societies and how these may contribute to a better future for us and our future generations.