LAHORE - PML-N leaders have taken a swipe at the PTI government for its failure to establish its writ.

The government appears nowhere in the country, PML-N city chief Pervez Malik and secretary Khwaja Imran Nazir said on Friday.

They said: “The present law of the jungle is because of the fact that the PTI government does not have time from victimization of the political rivals. This has exposed the fake mandate of the PTI whereof it was incapable of dealing the present day challenges, they said while talking to the Party workers.”

Pervez Malik said: “The PTI is like a bubble which will soon burst out and meet the end. The masses showed the PTI its true picture. He said the PML-N is not in the habit of hurling abuses and resorting to opprobrium and it only knows to serve the masses and deliver which they did while in power.”  Predicting the early end of the PTI government, he said, the time is over for those who pursued the “politics of abuses and allegations and at the moment are out to play havoc with the country through misdirected policies”.

He claimed that PTI members were joning the PML-N that shows the former has been “stuck up at a dead-end and is about to run away from the political arena”.  He continued: “For us politics is service to the masses while the rivals used it for their abuses and allegations and this fact has given the masses disillusionment about the government. The arrest of former CM Shehbaz Sharif showed that the PTI has no other agenda except political victimisation.”

Pervez Malik said every ruler wants peace in his country but Imran Khan is a “weird prime minister who wants unrest and chaos in the country”. He also criticised the government for jacking up prices of the items of daily use only after a few months in power.