Murad Saeed has said that the federal government has decided to take miscreants to the task as the calls for protest should not be taken as a license for destruction.

According to the statement issued on behalf of Communication Minister Murad Saeed, the government has decided to take action against troublemakers who contributed into the destruction of state properties. He stated that it’s the time to establish that calls for protest shouldn’t be taken as a license to destruction.

“Videos and images of the protests after Supreme Court’s decision will be scrutinized to identify the perpetrators who caused damage to the public property,” he said, adding that the constitution permits peaceful protests, but under no circumstances can it be allowed to damage public and private property under the garb of protests.

“During two days of protests, the property of National Highways was damaged all over the country. Billions will now have to be spent on repair works. We will identify these miscreants and bring them to justice,” he vowed. He said that it is commendable that the protest leadership has distanced itself from those who created havoc in the garb of protests.