Trains are being operated despite sit-ins, protests and security situation, a Pakistan Railways spokesman said on Friday. The spokesman said the additional general manager traffic was monitoring operational situation.  Shalimar Express train left from Faisalabad for Karachi instead of Lahore, Fareed Express left for Karachi from Lahore and Akbar Express left from Quetta for Lahore, Bolan Mail from Quetta for Karachi, Shalimar Express from Karachi for Lahore and Millat Express from Malakwal on time, the official said. “Allama Iqbal Express train (Sialkot-Karachi) left for Karachi from Lahore on time. Karakuram Express left form Faisalabad for Karachi on time. Zikriya Express, Bolan Mail,Fareed Express, Shah Hussain Express, Greenline Express and Khyber Mail left from Karachi according to schedule.