ISLAMABAD (Online) Capital Development Authority (CDA), announcing two housing projects thought about rich forgetting the poor, belying the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makaan. CDA has consecutively announced two posh and elite housing schemes from June to September this year, namely Park Enclave located on Park Road and Chak Shahzad at its intersection with Kurri Road in zone IV and Margalla Retreat in sector E-11 leaving middle and lower middle class looking desperately for some other affordable housing projects. The Park Enclave housing project consists of 700 houses in phase-I and another 600 houses in phase-II equipped with stat of the art facilities including all modern civic amenities. Islamabad city is divided into five main zones. The total area of the city is 906 sq km, however the last housing project offered approximately 20 years ago were E-12 and D-12. Even today purchase of land in Islamabad for residential purposes is not more than a dream for low income group, as large number of citizens belong to middle and lower middle class living in government houses and slum areas having two to four rooms without even minimum amenities of life. Probably this is the reason that additional constructions have been made on the governments property land by these residents violating the rules on compulsion. I am working as a water pump operator in a semi-government organization for the last 27 years and living in a governments house consisting of three rooms with fourteen family members still having dream of own house in the Federal Capital and there is number of people like me, said Noor Muhammad a resident of Islamabad. Until today prices of plots in all of the four CDA offered housing projects are beyond the range of common citizens. The prices in other residential sectors of the CDA are also very high so that low-income groups can not have access to the dream of own house in the beautiful capital city of Pakistan. On the other side PPP led government has raised the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makaan before election 2008 to win the sympathies of common men. However, Online has learnt that authorities concerned including civic body, failed to accommodate the most neglected middle class despite the tall claims by the government.