AFTER a year and a day, 99 flights, 23 countries and bags of teamwork, an intrepid couple have flown around the world in a tiny home-made plane they spent 16 years building. Retired British Airways pilot Patrick Elliott and his wife Linda Walker are believed to be the first married couple to have circumnavigated the globe in a home-built aircraft. On their epic voyage they diced with death and saw wonders including the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids at Giza. But according to Linda, 57, their greatest achievement is 'the fact that were still speaking. The former City worker said: 'You are cooped up in a tiny cockpit together and when you land you can be in stressful situations, unable to speak the language and having to think on your feet. But we worked brilliantly as a team. I cant wait for our next adventure. The couple used 1,320 gallons of fuel costing 12,000 and Patrick admitted it probably would have been cheaper to get first-class tickets round the world, 'but that would be missing the point. He said: 'Now we are home, its hard to believe we have actually done it. The pair, from Reigate in Surrey, started work on the plane, a Rutan Long-EZ, in 1991 between Patricks BA flights. MOL