LAHORE - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Sunday ruled out the possibility of taking any military action in North Waziristan against the alleged Haqqani network, saying that government will first use the option of holding dialogue with the militants to make peace with them. We should give peace a chance at the first place by holding dialogue with the militants, he said in categorical terms while talking to representatives of print media at his DHA residence. The prime minister said government will not succumb to US pressure and implement its 3-D policy (dialogue, development and deterrence) in the same sequence to exterminate militancy from the troubled region. Former (US) President Bush was shocked when I told him about Pakistan governments 3-D policy to end terrorism, during my first visit to the US, Gilani told journalists. He said his government did not categorise Taliban into good or bad Talibans, as they were just Talibans. He said US government held negotiations with those Talibans who dissociated themselves with al-Qaeda. The premier said that government negotiated an agreement with Moulvi Fazlullah in the past, and when he deviated from the terms of the agreement and attacked security forces, local tribes rose against him and supported military-led operation in Swat. In the tribal culture, people hate those who break the agreements, he added. When asked about the first step his government intended to take to negotiate with the militants, he said a parliamentary committee will be formed to implement all resolutions passed by the parliament on the subject. The yet to be formed committee, he added, will have its meetings on monthly basis and guide the government on how to proceed further to deal with the extremists. He, however, said that political agents in the tribal region could play an important role to make peace with the extremists. He said talks could be held with those who de-commissioned themselves. To a question about Pakistans options in the wake of US threats to take action against Haqqani network, he said Pakistan will not do anything against its national interest. To another question, the PM said that he could say with authority that present coalition government had signed no secret agreement with the US on war against terror. Had there been any such accord with the US, it would have come out by now through the Wikkileaks, he maintained. Talking about the impact of APC, he said that after the joint communiqu by political parties, the US has assured that there will be no unilateral action like that of Abbottabad in future. He said that US assurance that its military will not put its feet on Pakistani soil was a clear indication of its future strategy vis--vis Pakistan. To a question, Gilani admitted that trust deficit between the US and Pakistan had increased manifold due to the issue of Raymond Davis and Osama bin Laden incident of May 2. The distrust has increased because it is for the first time that Pakistan Government has lodged strong protest over violation of its sovereignty with the US, he observed, adding it would take time to restore the trust lost after the two incidents. When asked about Chinas advice to Pakistan in the wake of latest tension between the US and Pakistan, he said China had always given good advice to Pakistan and it has advised us now to have cordial relations with all the countries including the US. To a query if the US had an eye over Pakistans nuclear programme, the prime minister said that countrys defence was in strong hands and nobody could dare harm nuclear assets. He said Pakistan had had a very strong and safe command and control system and the fact had been duly acknowledged by the US on various occasions. He said Pakistans defence was in safe hands. I speak less and do more, the premier said, adding We are a nuclear power and should behave in a responsible manner. Talking about Afghan Presidents allegations regarding murder of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, the PM called upon Hamid Karzai to join hands with Pakistan for durable peace in the region and beware of the common enemy. Gilani believed certain forces, which he did not name, were bent upon setting the two countries against each other to achieve their ulterior motives. He asked President Karzai to keep himself aloof from those forces who might use him against Pakistan. Certain forces are at work to destabilise Afghanistan and Karzai should not play in their hands. We should get united to foil their machinations, he said, adding If Afghanistan is stable then Pakistan is stable. He further stated that Pakistan believed in stable Afghanistan and it was part of the solution and not the problem. Gilani said peace, prosperity, sovereignty, stability and independence in Afghanistan were the priorities of Pakistan government, adding the interior ministry had assured complete cooperation to Afghanistan in all matters. To a question about APC, Gilani said this happened for the first time in countrys political history that services chiefs appeared before the political leadership in the Parliament and in the APC to brief on security situation. He said presence of services chiefs in the conference and earlier in the Parliament had also established the fact that all institutions were accountable to the Parliament. He said the APC had dispelled the impression that civil administration and the military were not on the same page with regard to countrys foreign policy. Gilani said before holding of the conference, the US thought that it could make a deal with any institution of its choice on Pak-US relations, but now they have got a message of oneness. He said it was very tedious job to evolve consensus during the conference as parties with divergent views were there to present their point of view. He said he could have convened a joint sitting of the Parliament, but he did not do so because in that case, important leaders like Imran Khan, Munawar Hassan and Mahmood Achakzai would not have been able to give their perspective on countrys foreign policy. To a question about Shahbaz Sharifs accusation regarding more leadshedding in Punjab compared to rest of the provinces, the PM said that no discrimination was being meted out to Punjab in this regard. He said he also belonged to Punjab and hence would not tolerate any injustice with the province. To a question, he said no formal statement was made for start of back channel diplomacy with any country, nor any announcement was made when it came to an end.