KARACHI (NNI) - Police have busted a gang of infant babies kidnappers while arresting its female ringleader and her two collaborators red-handed in the City. According to a private television channel Sunday, a lady, Samina, was arrested red handed by police while trying to flee after kidnapping an infant from a private hospital in Labdhi No-6. After initial interrogation, Samina revealed that one lady doctor, Hina, and a dispenser, Jawed, are also involved in the kidnapping. The police arrested lady doctor Hina and dispenser Jawed without any delay and started investigation from the both. The arrested lady doctor informed police that this was her first crime and she intended to give that kidnapped baby to a child-starved family while accused Samina told that she tried to kidnap the infant on her brother jawed and Doctor Hinas instruction and did not do any deal for cash. Accused Jawed revealed that the arrested lad y doctor Hina planned the kidnapping of the child and they were assisting her. According to police, the kidnapped infant, a baby boy, was born on Friday in the same private hospital and new born boys father Abdul Ghaffar is a resident of Awami Colony. It is expected that more cases of kidnapping will be exposed after completion of police interrogation from the arrested gang of the kidnappers.