LAHORE - JI Chief Munawar Hasan condemning the worst load shedding in the history of Pakistan has announced support for All Pakistan Traders Association strike call against the power outages. In a statement issued on Sunday, he warned the government that protests due to load shedding and inflation could drift the country to an ultimate chaos and point of nowhere. He said that more than 12 hours of load shedding in the provincial capital and Faisalabad halted the entire economic activities pushing the unemployment situation in the country to its peak. The JI Chief also condemned the firing and baton charge on protestors by provincial administration. He said that it seems that government would send the people into the Stone Age through its poor policies and mismanagement. Meanwhile, Tehrik-e-Istaqlal chief, Rehmat Khan Wardag warning the government of serious consequences due to worst load shedding asked her to immediately pay the outstanding dues of the IPPs to control the load shedding on short term basis. He proposed the government to immediately take up the projects of water reservoirs of Kalabagh, Munda, Tangi, Akhori and Bhasa dams to provide the masses cheap and uninterrupted power supply.