ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal Minister for Housing & Works Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat has said that Kurri Road Housing Project would be a landmark in the residential arena of Islamabad. He said that the designs and architectural planning of Kurri Road housing project would be finalized soon, a press release said on Sunday. All the houses would be under the affordability limits of government employees, but it does not mean that any compromise should be made on the quality, Faisal said. He said that Housing Ministry is on its way to materialize the Prime Ministers Scheme of construction of one million houses for government employees and Kurri road project is regarded as a huge milestone and the government employees of BS-17 to 22 will be provided houses/flats at Kuri Road. He said that government employees will get houses/flats who have been retired or retiring from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2013. He said that BS-22 officials will be provided houses of one kanal, whereas BS-21 houses of 14 marlas, BS-20, 10 Marlas houses and BS-17 to 19 officials, 5-7 marlas flats in first phase. Those officials who could not get houses flats in first phase would be accommodated in the second phase, the minister added. He said that Pakistan Housing Authority has been working for the construction of housing units in various places under the Prime Minister Housing Scheme for all programme to mitigate the sufferings of the shelterless people. Meanwhile, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has focused its attention to making Islamabad a city of flowers and laid multi-coloured flowerbeds on medians and roadsides. The Authority has started a special project to plant maximum flowers at roadside, medians and parks across the city along with announcing an amount of Rs 800 million for environmental up-gradation of the Federal Capital. Talking to APP, an official of CDA informed that intermediary spring is going on and the CDA is currently planting three varieties of marigolds. This particular specie would continue beautifying the city till November and be replaced by spring flowers of petunia, pansy and antirrhinum varieties. The CDA usually purchases seeds from authorised dealers of multi-national companies producing hybrid seeds through cross-pollinated plants. The size and colour of the flower can be changed through hybrid seeding process, enabling it to survive in a particular atmosphere, the official said. The Authority prepares nurseries of these flowers in its own 40-acre facility where around two dozen experts work round the clock. The CDA has planted marigold flowers on Constitution Avenue, Margalla Road, Jinnah Avenue, 7th and 9th Avenues, Golra Intersection, Murree Road and Faizabad so far. The CDA spends around Rs 14 million on purchase of seeds for both flower seasons. About 100 staffers of the Environment Directorate have exclusively been assigned the task of plantation across. The CDA prefers to plant indigenous varieties due to the extreme weather as We have 20 frosty nights in Islamabad that proves harmful for the delicate flowers, the official said. The Rose and Jasmine Garden has 30,000 rose plants of 600 varieties and five varieties of jasmine. However, the CDA cannot afford to import the remaining eight varieties of jasmine because all of them are not produced in a single country, the official said. He said the new varieties of rose are planted through grafting that is mostly done in UK where a grafted plant is sold for 25 to 30 pounds. Besides, the CDA has also increased the number of tree planted from 0.4 million to one million annually.