The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Monday again declared President Asif Ali Zardari a 'danger to the democracy in the country. Addressing the meeting of the PML-N Central Working Committee (CWC), Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan was being threatened at present and it had been isolated at international level. The PML-N chief said the country was surrounded by the dangers and multiple crises but the rulers have turned a blind eye towards the situation. He said Pakistan has never experienced such loneliness in the international community due to faulty policies of the rulers. He said despite numerous sacrifices in the war on terror the pressure on Pakistan has been increasing. Nawaz said the countrys economy was at the verge of destruction due to the ongoing war and the crises of energy and poor law and order have made the lives of citizens miserable. Due to uncertainty the foreign investors are also running out of Pakistan, he said. He said the government did not take the parliament and political parties into confidence over important issues and the parliament was insulted by not implementing its unanimous resolutions. The government contacts the parliament and opposition only when it is under pressure and when the pressure releases then it forgets everything, he said. Today we are being told that we are facing threats from the US, but how the Americans could be declared responsible for it when our president and prime minister are congratulating the US after the Abbottabad like incident, he said. He said $12 million were embezzled in the government departments during the last three years. Foreign help was not needed if we control this corruption. He condemned the unprecedented load shedding in the country and announced that the PML-N fully supports the protests against the power outages. Nawaz said the aid amount for flood victims of Sindh has been spent somewhere else.