Over a dozen suspected people were taken into custody during Rangers operation in Lyari and Malir overnight and police conducted house to house search operation in Kati Pahari after some miscreants took police personnel hostage in Orangi Town. Rangers carried out search operation in Liaquat Square and Jinnah Square in Malir area. At least three suspects were rounded up during house to house search. Police conducted raid at a mosque and adjoining madrasah in Kati Paharis Islamia Colony and arrested two miscreants identified as Shah Wali and Akbar. Some saboteurs opening fire at police party, got released the arrested persons and held some police personnel including SHO hostage. Following the development, more contingents of police, Rangers and FC poured into the area. However, the militants released the hostages after negotiations. The SHO said they arrived in the area on a tip-off regarding the presence of the suspects. Police with heavy reinforcements again conducted search operation later on in Islamia Colony of Kati Pahari amid absolute cordon around the entire area. However, no one was taken into custody. The Rangers took action in various Lyari areas including Alfalah Road, Dubai Chowk and Bihar colony and nabbed several people during house to house search.