LAHORE Following the traditional method of shifting burden on the others, Provincial Police Chief Javed Iqbal has said the causes behind the crime surge are increasing population and unemployment. Notwithstanding the provincial police claimed to have busted 1,827 criminal gangs besides arresting their 6,189 members, the ratio of heinous crime nature has increased by five to seven percent across the Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has already expressed his 'no confidence on the police performance saying the police stations have become the hub of bribe, brutal torture and etc. Out of total 36 districts of the province, only few districts are performing well including Nankana Saheb, Sahiwal, Muzaffargarh, Multan City, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur. Similarly, the crime rate shoot up in the provincial capital, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Jhang, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, and Bahawalnagar. According to the official statistics of the Punjab Police, around 287,255 cases of different natures have been lodged with over 600 police stations of the Punjab up to August with the increase of 27,880 incidents. About 42,844 cases are under investigation, 15,689 cases are still untraced whereas the police have cancelled around 24,321 cases on various ground. MURDER: About 4,490 persons have been gunned down, killed, or slaughtered over different issues. Over 1,100 cases are under investigation, 223 are yet to trace, and 151 have been cancelled whereas only 2,931 cases have been challaned so far. About 5,200 incidents of attempted murder were reported, with 1,287 under investigation, 230 untraced, 351 cancelled and about 3,373 have been challaned. KIDNAPPING: The incidents of kidnapping and kidnapping for ransom have also increased as about 10,391 persons have been kidnapped on different grounds whereas the abductors have kidnapped 149 persons for ransom. Ironically, the provincial policemen are yet investigating 2,404 cases. However, the performance is quite satisfactory regarding the incidents of kidnapping for ransom as about 90 cases have been challaned whereas 34 are under investigation. RAPE/GANG RAPE: Over 1,790 women/girls were raped and around 160 were gang raped during this span of time. Police, again failed in nabbing maximum number of rapists, as only 947 rapists have been challaned, 294 are under investigation and 17 are untraced. Crime against property is also on the rise. About 2,372 persons, homes, shops and their owners have been looted on gunpoint, 13,341 have been robbed, whereas total 9,904 incidents of burglary, 1,825 of theft under section 382 of PPC, 5,738 of cattle theft and 4,663 of motor vehicle snatching have been reported so far. ARMS RECOVERED: On the other side, the recovered firearms shows the entire Punjab is under dacoits and hardened criminals equipped with modern sophisticated weapons. According to the official figure, the provincial police recovered 157 grenades, 1,180 Kalashnikoves, 5,245 rifles, 8,346 guns, 45,643 revolvers/pistols, 5,030 carbines, 550,821 cartridges and 2,734 sharp edge weapons from different nooks and corners of the Punjab during the last two years.