LAHORE - President PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in their separate statements on Sunday lambasted the Federal government and President Asif Ali Zardari for the increased loadshedding in the country, especially in Punjab, and said that power crisis was the result of malpractices, inefficiency and self-motivated policies of the Federal government. Mian Nawaz Sharif said that those who had ruled the country for three and a half years could not evade the blame for the existing power crisis. Separately, addressing a seminar on dengue, Shahbaz Sharif said that 12-hour loadshedding in Punjab was deliberate and was being done on behest of President Zardari. In a separate statement, Nawaz said that power generation projects of the country could still meet the local energy requirements provided government gave precedence to public interests over its narrow selfish ends. He said that while on the one hand industrial activities had come to a halt due to shortage of power which had weakened national economy and promoted unemployment, on the other, power generation units were rusting at Karachi port. He said that power generation units were either lying closed due to shortage of fuel or were operating below their capacity. Nawaz further said that if Federal govt had showed sense and eliminated corruption it could provide 500 to 600 billion rupees due to which these units could be operated to their full capacity and power shortage could be reduced in days and completely eliminated in months. Nawaz further said that his heart beats with the people in the peaceful public reaction to this distressing situation and will consider this issue in the party meeting on Monday (today) on priority basis and will ask for formulating a strategy in this regard. He said that all Assembly members of his party and office-bearers were with the people in this situation. Speaking at a seminar to create awareness against dengue fever here on Sunday, Shahbaz said Lahore was being deliberately targeted for 12 hours loadshedding that resulted in the damage of machinery worth millions of rupees while people were dying. He said time had come to start long march against those responsible for loadshedding. He said there was no shortage of power generation capacity but the power companies were not being paid to meet the fuel cost. He alleged that Federal government was filling its pockets with corruption. Shahbaz said people of Lahore were already perturbed over dengue virus and excessive loadshedding had increased their difficulties. He said he had no bone of contention with the President but he was 'King of corruption and deposited his money in Swiss banks. On this occasion, Shahbaz himself led sloganeering against the President of 'who is the king of plunder?. The participants of the seminar responded by saying 'President Zardari, President Zardari. He further said that it was unfortunate that loadshedding had been immensely increased in the month of October which had not only aggravated the problems of dengue fever patients but the machinery which had been imported at a cost of billions of rupees for the treatment of patients in hospitals was also being damaged. He said that hospitals were being plunged into darkness intentionally through loadshedding of as long as 12 hours in Punjab especially in Lahore. He said that malpractices of Zardari government were the cause of loadshedding. He said that if instead of plundering of national resources, the petroleum companies were paid their dues they will become functional and there will be no power crisis. He said that loadshedding which was the outcome of corruption was resulting in the loss of precious human lives. He said that it was time to play an active role for the elimination of corruption, equitable distribution of resources and transforming Pakistan in accordance with the ideals of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam. He said the provincial government was utilising all the resources to control dengue and he would not sit idle till the disease was brought to an end. He praised the Sri Lankan medical team for their help. He said the Indonesian experts team would also stay in Punjab for two weeks to help our medical experts. He alleged that PPP leaders were earning 100 per cent profit from laboratory tests of dengue patients. Arshad Bhatti from Shahkot adds: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared that he did not acknowledge Asif Ali Zardari as the legitimate President of Pakistan. Expressing his chagrin over federal governments refusal to provide him helicopter to visit the family of a girl who was gang raped in Shahkot village, he told the media that despite a severe backache he made the long journey to the victims house to console her and assure her family of all help by his government. He publicly harangued President Zardari for being over-possessive about the helicopters meant for official use. He said he do not acknowledge a person as president who has looted billions of rupees of the nation and stashed it away in Swiss banks. Earlier, the chief minister went to the house of 18-year-old Saba Rai in nearby village Kotla Kahlwan. He strongly condemned the rape of matriculate position holder and expressed deep regrets over grant of bail to the accused. He said that all efforts would be made to get this bail cancelled and the culprits will be given exemplary punishment. Expressing his strong resolve to ensure rule of law and constitution, he announced forming a committee for transparent enquiry of the issue. The Punjab CM said that he has urged on the hapless victim not to be discouraged and continue her studies with greater determination, and announced that Punjab government would fund her future education. He also delivered a check to her parents. Saba, a brilliant student who secured top position in the district in matric exams, was reportedly raped by accused Shamroz and his companions. Shamroze, son of an influential landlord, went to Girls Complex of Shahkot College of Commerce and asked the administration that Sabas mother was seriously ill. He took her to a deserted house and raped her along with his other friends. The accused then dropped Saba in front of her house in unconscious condition. Saba Rai and her mother begged the chief minister for justice and requested the government to help them shift to some other city as they can no longer live in that village. Sabas mother told the CM that her son, an 8th class student, has not gone to school since last week due to all this. Police authorities informed the CM that the main accused Shamroz has got an interim bail till October 4 by Sessions Court. A woman named Ishrat Bibi who was involved in the accident has been arrested. Police also arrested Adeel, friend of main accused Shamroze, in a crackdown in Rawalpindi on Sunday.