PESHAWAR (INP) - The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said on Sunday that it will never support Pakistan blindly in case of an attack from the US. This was stated by TTP leader and Taliban commander of Bajaur Agency Maulvi Faqir Muhammad while taking to the BBC. The TTP commander strongly criticised the alleged double standard policy of Pakistan towards Afghanistan, saying that such policy has damaged the possibility of peace in Afghanistan. He said the security situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan could not improve until and unless both the countries show seriousness in this regard. The Taliban commander said that although the US and Pakistan are allies in the war against terrorism, both the countries are deceiving each other in the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Maulvi Faqir further stated that the US wants an exit passage for its Army from Afghanistan while Pakistan is trying to entrap US further in the war. He said that if US withdrew its forces from the Muslim countries and also end drone strikes against the Muslims than there is possibility of reducing attacks on the US. He said that the US is already attacking Pakistan, however, in case of some bigger action taken against Pakistan by the US, the TTP will not impulsively provide support to Pakistan. The Taliban shura will deliberate on this and than make the final decision regarding support to Pakistan, he added. The commander when quizzed that TTP has changed its point of view for the first time both about Pakistan and Afghanistan and also blamed Taliban of getting support from Afghanistan and the US, he rejected such allegations categorically. It is pertinent to be mentioned here that it is the first time that the Taliban have issued statement not to side with Pakistan in case of a US attack without deliberations.