LAHORE The dengue mosquito, continuing its death hits, on Sunday claimed four more lives in the provincial capital, pushing the death toll to 162. The City residents, hit at the same time by the two calamities dengue and loadshedding kept on rushing to the public as well as private hospitals with 549 new cases of dengue virus registered for the day. The unfortunate new victims included Shahnaz, 60, a resident of Walton Road, who died at Lahore General Hospital; Sarwar Bibi, 50, a resident of Gujranwala, who lost her life at Mayo Hospital; Saleem, 23, a resident of GOR-2; and Khursheed, 65, a resident of Sanda. He died at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Out of 549 new cases, 119 were tested positive at Mayo Hospital for the dengue virus; 44 at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital; 17 at Institute of Public Health; 50 at Sheikh Zayed Hospital; 21 at Lahore General Hospital; 38 at Children Hospital; 61 at Jinnah Hospital; 47 at Services Hospital; and 152 at various private hospitals. The total count of the dengue cases has reached 21942. According to the Health Department Punjab, 12,846 patients suffering from dengue fever have recovered and discharged from the hospitals, of which 11,243 belonged to Lahore. The report also stated that 1,421 of dengue patients were under treatment in various hospitals of the Lahore of which 1,258 were in the hospitals of provincial capital. It further said that as many as 228 dengue cases have been reported in Punjab during the last 24 hours of which 186 patients belong to Lahore. Similarly, the total number of dengue patients in Punjab was 13,074 of which 11,429 relates to the provincial metropolis. Meanwhile, a 20-member delegation of Health Ministry of Indonesia headed by Dr Rita Kusriastuti visited Mayo, Ganga Ram, Services and Children Hospitals and exchanged views with the doctors and paramedical staff to review the exact position of the dengue patients. Talking to the media, Dr Rita said that the dengue virus was diagnosed in Indonesia 40 years back and dengue was fully controlled at present in their country. She said that nursing was more important than the doctors for dengue patients. She hoped that in the light of the experiences in Indonesia, long-standing solution of dengue virus would be made in Lahore. It may be noted here that several Lahorites at every street and vicinity in the city were saying that dengue had already taking their loved ones by surprise attacks, while the worst load shedding in the history of the country providing ideal situation to the killing mosquito to expand its death net without any hindrance.