RAWALPINDI (APP) - Though, the Professional beggars of Rawalpindi city are having a roaring business and there are no concrete steps to curb the menace but, City Traffic Police (CTP) is playing its due role and trying to eliminate the beggars especially from the city roads. Talking to APP here Superintendent Police (SP) Senior Traffic Officer Athar Ismail said that city traffic police was trying to eliminate the begging from city roads. During its efforts, as many as 52 beggars were arrested and handed over to district police in June, this year, 47 beggars were arrested in Julypersons on charge of begging were nabbed and handed over to district police in August while more than 78 beggars have also been arrested by the special squads of city traffic police in September, he added. He said concerted efforts should be made by the police and administration to eliminate the menace. In the past, departments concerned were somehow reluctant to take any action against beggars particularly professional ones. Inspector City Traffic Police Azhar Mahmood giving details in this regard said that in August total 79 cases were registered against 128 persons on charge of beggary. He informed that special squads of city traffic police with two vehicles each for Rawal region and Potohar region remain on duty on the city roads from 8am to 12pm. He said that the handicapped beggars arrested from the roads are handed over to Edhi Foundation while Children up to 14 years age are given to Child Protection Bureau. Despite the efforts of city traffic police Nowadays, groups of beggars mostly women and children are seen begging in markets, shopping centers, roads and streets of the city cities. The shopping malls in twin cities are also amongst the choicest business locations of these beggars. It is said that no ordinary beggar could do business at such sought out locations, because they are covertly 'auctioned by corrupt elements in police and other related departments for some money. The beggars are seen everywhere particularly in Rawalpindi. Several groups of beggars have occupied main traffic signals mainly on Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree Road) where one can see a lot of children and women thronging at vehicles asking for alms. The beggars use new techniques to attract people as their sole purpose is to take money from them. They claim they are not professional beggars but are forced to beg due to some tragedies. These tragedies include needing money due to serious illness of self, parents or children; workplace accidents, prolonged joblessness due to one reason or another, etc. They often manage to get sympathy of their listeners with their tragic tales told in tear-filled emotional voice. Though, several drives were launched against professional beggars in the past, but the police and authorities concerned had failed to take a serious and visible action against the professional beggars in twin cities. Professional beggar is considered a blemish on the face of a civilized society. It is also an indication of weakness of administration and police to implement the anti-beggary laws. The governments should give a serious attention to this issue and launch a massive drive against the professional beggars with the help of police, philanthropists and other social organizations. In Rawalpindi, especially on busy places like Benazir Bhutto Road, Committee Chowk, Mareer Chowk and sixth Road Chowk commuters and drivers face irritation on red signals as a large number of beggars seek financial support claiming they are not professional. At Raja Bazaar, Saddar Bazaar, Tench Bhatta and other main shopping centres of the city beggars sometime turn nasty towards the customers. There is also a dire need of extensive community efforts to ensure a successful and result oriented drive which otherwise would not produce the wanted results.