A District Anti-Bonded Committee meeting directed the assistant commissioners of Pindi Bhattian and Hafizabad as well as the district labour officer to ensure implementation of the Supreme Court orders regarding the elimination of bonded labour by kiln owners.

The district coordination officer directed the officials to ensure elimination of bonded labour of brick kilns workers and also to fair wages to them. The meeting was attended by DCO Mansoor Qadir, DPO Muhammad Zubair Dreshak, District Officer (Coord) Nauman Hafeez, Assistant Commissioner Hafizabad Umar Farooq Warraich, AC Pindi Bhattian and District Labour Officer Shabbir Hussain Kalyar.

The DCO stressed the need for concrete measures to prevent injustices towards the poor workers who are being made slaves by giving them advance money by the owners. He particularly called detailed reports regarding the workers and owners from the ACs and district labour officer. He further said that he should be apprised of the action so far taken by the Labour Department for implementing according to the orders of the Supreme Court of the Pakistan. The DPO on the occasion also directed all the SHOs in the district to prepare particulars of brick kiln owners and workers promptly. The district officer labour told the meeting that there were 72 brick kilns in the district whereas only 43 have so far been registered while the remaining would be registered shortly. He assured the meeting that he would spare no pains in the implementation of the court orders.

ABDUCTEE FOUND AS BEGGAR: Police claimed to have arrested an alleged ringleader of beggars’ mafia, and recovered sixteen-year-old Abid Ali who was abducted from Jaranwala about two months back.

According to police source, Mumtaz of Khushab had abducted the handicapped boy and forced him to beg at different places. When Abid Ali was begging in the local streets, he was identified by his brother-in-law Haider Ali, who informed the police, which arrested the accused and started interrogation.