ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Muslim League (Qauid) chief Senator Ch. Shujaat Hussain has termed the recent hike in the prices of electricity and petroleum products unbearable for the people and by doing so the PML-N government has shown their enmity to the general masses.

Talking to a delegation of students of Bolan Medical College Balochistan here on Wednesday, Shujaat said that his party has rejected the increase and would use all forums to object, what he termed, unjust and cruel act on part of the government.

The PML-Q chief in a satirical vein said, load-shedding would automatically end when in the face of exorbitant rates of electricity people would compel to use oil lamps instead of electric bulbs.

Grilling the main opposition parties - PPP and PTI - who have made of the opposition in the Parliament, Ch. Shujaat Hussain said that they were not playing their role in due fashion.

To a question, he said that people not the PML-Q had given mandate to the ruling PML-N but they wanted to see the government complete its mandated constitutional term.

To a question about the undue delay in the appointment of Chairman NAB, he said that both the government and opposition were hands in glove and they wanted to have the person of their choice and confidence in the slot.

On this occasion, Secretary General PML (Q) Mushahid Hussain Sayed said, prices of petroleum and electricity increased in the absence of Prime Minister (PM), and ministers for Finance, Water and power and Petroleum.

Energy crises, terrorism and blasts are undermining the roots of country and in this regard PML-Q has tabled the adjournment motion in senate. Governments seems completely fail in giving relief to the public, he added.

"Government is confused because decisions taken in All Parties Conference (APC) are not being implemented. US severely needs help of Pakistan now, so that it is the best time to resolve the issues of drone attacks and Aafia Siddiqi," he concluded.

In the end, Shujaat also announced a grant of Rs 200,000 for the students of Bolan Medical College.