A PTI central leader has demanded that the federal government should immediately start negotiations with the Taliban leadership to ensure peace in the country.

Rafiq Haider Leghar, who is a former federal minister, said that terrorists were particularly targeting Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province and Peshawar. He said that after the decision of starting negotiations with the Taliban, terrorist activities had been sped up which showed that some anti-Pakistan elements do not want peace and stability in the country.  “The government should immediately start dialogues with the Taliban so that the country could be steered out of crises and put her on the path to prosperity,” said the PTI leader. “Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan had stressed the need for eliminating terrorism through dialogues in line with the public desires. “

CLEANUP DRIVE: The Tehsil Council Sadiqabad has launched a cleanup operation against encroachments in Lakar Mandi, under the leadership of administrator Farooq Qamar.

The Tehsil Council staff led by the AC, Chief Officer M Akram and Land Officer Farooq Haider, removed the illegal structures through heavy machinery. They also demolished permanent structures which were constructed a long time ago. Resultantly, the roads and streets have been expanded for motorists and pedestrians. On the occasion, the AC said that  all the available resources would be utilised to remove encroachments and no one would be allowed to repeat the practice again. He asked the traders and shopkeepers to voluntarily remove encroachments.