What is happening in Pakistan, are the rulers really very naïve or are they being misled by their core team, what is the reason for PML-N dim-witted actions since the day they came back into power? Maybe they want to teach this nation a lesson they will never forget! Are the rulers so ignorant that they are not aware of the fact that they cannot extract any further juice from the public, after it has been put through the wringer of increased prices of everything? In India, petrol price were cut down when the price of petrol was reduced internationally from $117 to $113per liter (reported by A Times of India), but Pakistan was unable to do so.

On that day PML-N’s government increased the electricity rates for the domestic consumers by 40-80%, and instead of reducing the petrol prices, it has been further enhanced by PKR. 4.12 per liter. The only argument the PMLN’s government gave for this increase was, how could they produce electricity when petrol was so expensive? This argument does not hold water, in view of the fact that instead of recovering electricity bills from those people, who are involved in power theft, at an ultra massive level (above 40% line losses as per NEPRA), the government has adopted the easy way of recovering the enhanced bill, by punishing those 60% honest bill payers, who have never been involved in power theft.

While the poor masses are starving due to the increase in prices of staple food items such as wheat and rice. Roti is being sold in the market at Rs.8-12; but our parliamentarians are getting 5 star quality food, at highly subsidized rates, where they are charged just Rs.1 (Rupee one only) for a roti. Were 11 crore people living below the poverty line, and some are even sleeping hungry, where people are committing suicides on daily basis, due to the extremely harsh economic strategies practiced by a handful of filthy rich elite.

These are clear signs of dooms day as mentioned in the Quran, when Muslims rulers will turn away from the people who depend on them. This is a cry from the few honest people left in Pakistan for help. Since, this democratically elected parliament, has again failed to shield the masses from the tyranny and excesses of the government, the people are fully justified in looking towards someone else to come to their rescue. For the general public, it matters the least who rules as long as the policies are people friendly and provide them with a chance to earn substance and buy basic necessities.

In view of the above mentioned I think the government has very little time left. Either they need to mend their ways or be ready for a revolution in the near future. I forewarn the Pakistani ruling elite and all the public representatives, to beware of the day, when people will welcome any other system with open arms, which will not be so cruel and tyrannical, like the current decadent system of governance.


Lahore, October 1