Commuters have protested against the exorbitant fares being charged by the transporters and called upon the District Transport Authority Hafizabad to ensure collection of coaches’ fares as fixed by the government.

The air-conditioned coaches’ personnel charge Rs270 fare from Lahore but from Hafizabad they are charging Rs250 for Lahore which is injustice. Most of the vehicles are overloaded and the attitude of the most of the conductors and drivers is insulting and unbecoming. More than 22 passengers are being huddled in buses which are meant for only 14 passengers.

Of late, several private stands were set up having no facility of waiting rooms, water, toilets etc. which are pre-requisite for a stand. No CCTV cameras have been installed nor metal detectors have been provided for the hawkers/conductors to check suspicious persons.

In the presence of TMA General Bus Stand, there is no justification to give permission to establish private van/bus stands which do not fulfill the conditions but all this is going on under the nose of the authorities concerned perhaps due to political pressure or corrupt mafia prevailing in the society.

Local people have called upon the district administration to launch a probe into the sad state of affairs prevailing at the private bus/van stand and suggested to cancel permission to the private stands which are not providing the requisite facilities for the commuters.