ISLAMABAD   -    As the against the tall claims of the ministry of National Health Services, dengue is still out of control in the capital and hospitals are flooded with the patients, The Nation learnt on Wednesday.

Officials at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Services (Polyclinic) hospital said that the hospitals had still not observed decrease in number of patients visiting Outdoor Patients Departments (OPD) of the hospitals.

Official at PIMS hospital informed The Nation that daily around 300 suspected dengue patients visited the OPD and the virus was confirmed in 60 percent of them.

The officials said that still scores of patients were being admitted mostly from rural and underdeveloped sectors of the federal city.

Wishing anonymity, an official of the health department said that authorities responsible for fumigation showed negligence and led to spreading of virus in the city.

Official said that health departments failed in arranging required quantity of anti-dengue spray timely and finally the virus went out of control.

Official said that the available quantity of anti-dengue spray is much less than required and anti-dengue spray teams diluted increased quantity of water in the spray.

“The anti-dengue spray was not imported in time,” said the official. Official said that due to increased quantity of water the anti dengue spray Rubi, Revival and Temephois became ineffective to kill the virus.

Earlier, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza had stated that anti dengue teams have sufficient amount of anti dengue spray for fumigation in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, spokesperson PIMS Dr Waseem Khawaja said that currently 60 dengue patients were admitted in the hospital and 7 were serious.  Dr Waseem also said that approximately 7,000 dengue patients were brought at hospital during season out of which virus was confirmed in 4,000 patients.  However, he added that citizens must not get panic as the cure of the disease is available and above 4,000 patients were treated and discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, official from polyclinic hospital said that above 100 dengue patients are admitted in hospital while an anti-dengue cell has been also established at the hospital.

A statement issued by the ministry of NHS said that SAPM Dr Zafar Mirza held meeting on elimination of dengue virus from the city attended by secretary, director general health and executive directors of all hospitals. As per statement, it was briefed in meeting that 90 percent dengue suspects did not need to be admitted in the hospital.

It was also decided that admitted patients should also give  valid home address as the fumigation teams can reach and spray in that area.

SAPM on NHS Dr Zafar Mirza said that an anti-dengue cell had been established at Tarali Rural Health Centre where emergency steps are being taken for the elimination of virus.

He said that strength of anti-dengue teams will be doubled to eliminate the virus and patients are being provided free of cost health care.