ISLAMABAD (APP) President Asif Zardari and former US vice-president Al Gore held a telephonic conversation on Thursday to discuss the situation of recent floods in Pakistan and its possible linkage with the climate change. Zardari while discussing the causes of floods indicated that the factor of climate change and its impact should also be examined in this regard. He said the international community must take this environmental subject seriously so that solutions could be found out for the overall betterment of the world. Al Gore, who shares a Nobel Peace Prize with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, expressed grief over the loss of lives and property in Pakistan due to floods. He said he would appoint a group of experts to investigate the cause of devastating floods, which would also submit a report on it. President Zardari appreciated the former vice presidents initiative for appointing a group of experts for Pakistan and said a specialized guidance on climate change would be helpful for the country in preparing itself for the future calamities.