PUNE (India) Former Kenyan all-rounder Maurice Odumbe is not surprised that Muhammad Asifs ex-girlfriend Veena Malik wants to come forward now and reveal his links with bookies. Speaking to this scribe on Thursday morning, Odumbe said: In my case, the ICC approached my ex who had a bone to pick with me because we were no longer together. It is strange that these women, when they are with stars and enjoying the fame of dating a famous man, do not say anything. But the minute the relationship is over, they start making all sorts of allegations. In March 2004, Odumbe was investigated by the International Cricket Council following allegations of possible match-fixing and was found guilty in August 2004 of receiving money from bookmakers and banned from cricket for five years. Odumbes ex-girlfriend Katherine Maloney is now working for an international school in Pakistan. In my case, they brought three women, they even flew in one from Canada, all expense paid. This is a woman Caitlin Patterson, I had not seen or talked to her in eight years until the ICC tracked her down and talked to her about testifying against me. After our relationship was over, she left Kenya only to resurface during my kangaroo trial. The other woman that the ICC brought was Katja Nielsen. None of these women made some very wild accusations and what is not right is why would the ICC be after ex girl friends? Odumbe asked. Asifs ex just wants to hurt him because she is not happy that Asif left her. I do not remember Hansie Cronjes wife was ever being called or Mark Waugh and Shane Warnes former girl friends being called to give evidence against their husbands, Odumbe said. Despite them coming forward I was banned for inappropriate contact that would have brought the game into disrepute. The ICC should find a way of dealing with this issues rather than relying on women who are bitter and will do anything to get back at the man, Odumbe added. Under the Kenyan law, a spouse is not allowed to testify against the husband as she is an aggrieved party and she is capable of saying anything. The sad bit is that the ICC believes these women even when they lie through their teeth. The fact that one had a relation with them does not mean they know everything. When scandals like this break out and you are a cricketer, you are bound to discuss with your better half as to what is happening and that does not mean you are involved in match-fixing, Odumbe further said. As International players we meet so many people and we strike friendship and some last, some dont. I do not see anything wrong with Asif receiving phone calls, chances are not all of them were from the bookmaker. In my case, any Indian who called me was a bookmaker even when bat companies were calling, the women turned around to say they were bookmakers. I think the ICC should not take Veena Maliks testimony seriously. My advice to the ICC is that they should leave this kind of women out of their investigations. Do we honestly expect this woman to say anything positive about Asif? I doubt it. I am sure there were many positives in the relationship before it went sour. To the exit is payback time, Odumbe concluded.