ISLAMABAD Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has said that the countrys financial deficit can be ended in just 90 days if massive corruption in government sector is eliminated and tax evasion is controlled. He said this while addressing the businessmen at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Thursday. Imran said that revenue collection of the Government could increase in just three months by controlling the tax evasion, which could help reduce the fiscal deficit of the country. The rulers themselves should be the role model for others regarding tax paying, he said and added that situation was quite different here, as elite class did not pay taxes, while all tax were being paid by the poor class. He further said that tax system should be unique for all classes of the society. He said that foreign countries did not have any confidence in Pakistani leaders and, therefore, they were hesitating to give financial aid to Pakistan. PTI has constituted an expert board, which would announce its plan on the coming Tuesday regarding rehabilitation of flood-hit areas, he said and added that after identifying loss, specific areas would be offered to the businessmen and other stakeholders for rehabilitation. He said flash floods had destroyed the standing crops, besides killing thousands of animals, which was a huge loss for the farmers and no one could tackle with such a situation single-handedly, he observed. While quoting examples of foreign leaders, PTI chief said, Our rulers should adopt simplicity in their lifestyle and pay taxes regularly. He briefed the businessmen regarding financial affairs of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and said that there was no sign of corruption in the hospital. Imran said that menace of terrorism could be eliminated in just 90 days but the countrymen would have to fight this war by considering it their own war instead of that of US. He criticised the Government for slashing education budget this year and said, We will have to invest in this sector, otherwise, we will remain far behind. On a question he said cricket situation could only improve in the country if powers of the President could be curtailed regarding the appointment of Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board. He said Chairman PCB was not answerable to anyone while there was no mechanism for his appointment. He said a big revolution would come in Pakistan in the next elections which were likely to be held in the next year, as people had becomes aware of traditional politics and needed change.