ISLAMABAD Opposition party PML-Q as well as coalition partner in the federal government MQM, Thursday, staged walkout from the proceedings of the National Assembly against the suicide attacks on a religious procession in Lahore and MPs indifference to the issue during the session. Speaking on a point of order, PML-Q Chief Whip in the Lower House Riaz Hussain Pirzada said the parliamentarians were ignoring the suicide attacks on the religious processions in Lahore. A number of parliamentarians have been speaking but no one talked about the brutal attack claiming the lives of around 50 innocent mourners. I walk out of the House. Everyone can join me if he wants, Pirzada added. He said the federal and the provincial governments had failed in sweeping out the training centres of terrorist elements adding the concerned institutions had failed to win the peoples trust. He was of the view that Shia and Sunni people did not fight with each other and the Lahore incident was an act of terrorism not of sectarianism. PML-Q MNA Sh Waqqas Akram during his speech alleged that after the suicide attack on Data Darbar, Punjab government started crack down against the workers of a banned outfit and detained them to bring down the pressure. Later, the Home department wrote letters to the concerned department for the release of some of the detained workers who were also in fourth schedule, Waqqas said. He alleged that these were detained for a month and two but on the orders of Home department they were released just after ten days. He was of the view that such political supervision of such elements raises their moral, which results in the incidents like blasts at processions and on the tombs of saints. Central leader of MQM Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi on the point of order said the terrorist elements wanted to destabilise and divide the country. If the government takes notice of the blast on Ashura procession and later on Chehlum procession in Karachi, the Lahore incident could be avoided. He urged the Interior Minister Rehman Malik to take action against terrorist elements. Later, on the request of PML-N Chief Whip both the members of the PML-Q and MQM came back to their seats.