LAHORE Random placement of dumpsters by Solid Waste Management on roads and intersections of the City are not only making nuisance for the commuters but also causing accidents, a survey conducted by The Nation revealed on Thursday. It was witnessed that Solid Waste Management has placed more than 1,400 containers on almost all the important roads of the City. Most of these dumpsters were placed on the roadsides while some were placed in the middle of the roads. Reportedly, a number of incidents occurred due to wrongly placed containers especially on some of the busy roads including Lawrence Road, Regal Chowk, Ferozepur Road, Lower Mall, Empress Road, Davis Road, Allama Iqbal Road Garhi Shahu, GT Road, Circular Road, Abbott Road, McLeod Road, Queens Road, Multan Road and various other roads of residential localities of the City. Furthermore, placing of such dumpsters and stench emitting from them have also become a matter of controversy among the residents and shopkeepers of various commercial markets and residential localities. Some shopkeepers scuffled with each other on the issue of placing such dumpsters as they were of the view that the disgusting odour was affecting their businesses and causing environmental problems for the residents of various vicinities. Moreover, people had time and again complained to the authorities concerned about the proper placement of these dumpsters but all in vain. In this regard, an official of SWM on condition of anonymity said that proper placing of these dumpsters cannot be resolved because the department have no alternate places to shift them. He said that the authorities concerned despite a lot of complaints in this regard did not make any policy so far and even did not try to find substitute places. The only solution to resolve the issue is to develop more solid waste enclosures of placing dumpsters in order to avoid accidents, he suggested. He further said that the SWM authorities had stopped planning in this regard after constructing more than 20 solid waste enclosures across the City. The authorities had earlier planned to fix reflectors on these dumpsters for the convenience of commuters, which could not be fixed yet, he informed. However, District Officer SWM Wasim Ajmal Chaudhry did not attend the phone on repeated calls made by this scribe.