OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Unlike their public servant brethren, the thousands of 'aliens (outsiders who work and reside in Lahore) had to reach the City on Friday after celebrating Eidul Fitr with their families in different cities and towns of the country. The former ones will return, on the earliest, on Monday when their Eid vacation matures. Mainly of the returnees either work in private organizations or are running their small businesses in the provincial metropolis and cannot afford the long festivity at their homes. On the other hand, the City presented a dry look as over two million of its 'residents were yet to return. So, there was low traffic on roads, and almost 70 per cent markets and shopping plazas remained closed on Friday. Similarly, more than 60 per cent of small hotels and food shops were also closed, as the majority of the food-serving Dhabas and small hotels are run by the outsiders. The full business at those hotels would resume on Monday. However, the restaurants located in the Citys posh localities witnessed a full rush. The Citys parks and other recreational sites also witnessed crowds on the third day of the Eid. On the other side, moderate rush was witnessed at various bus terminals of the City. The Niazi Bus Terminal General Manager told this scriber that the people had started reaching Lahore since Thursday to avoid the expected rush during the next few days, especially Saturday and Sunday. Buses from the cities of Multan, Mianwali, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Jhang are arriving fully loaded with passengers since the second day of the Eid, he added. The maximum rush would be on Sunday, but the arrival of the 'outsiders would continue during the next full week, he added. The situation was not different at other bus stands, including the City Terminal, General Bus Stand Badami Bagh, Daewoo Terminal and Skyways Terminal, etc. The rickshaw and taxi drivers, taking benefit of the situation, were busy in overcharging from the passengers arriving in the City with their families and luggage from other stations. The fare, which has been taken Rs 50 in normal days of about eight to ten kilometres destination, was being charged double by the rickshaw and taxi owners. Mini wagons were also charging extra money from the passengers of up to Rs 5. This is worth mentioning here that Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited had announced that there would be no gas holidays across the province during the Eid holidays. However, despite the availability of gas at CNG stations, the owners of gas-operating vehicles, the three-wheelers and mini wagons charged extra fares. A passenger said that they were merely looting the people due to the Eid rush, and the authorities to check them were absent.