LAHORE - Flight of capital is going on unabated and many Pakistanis have shifted their textile units to Bangladesh because of the bad law and order situation at home, says Chaudhry Shujaat Husain, whose PML-Q is partner with the PPP-led coalition. In an interview with TheNation here on Friday, he said because of the killings in Karachi and terrorist activities in other parts of the country foreign investors were shy of making investment in Pakistan, which was very bad development for the country. He said industrial sector had been adversely affected and a large number of factories had gone out of operation. Underlining the need for urgent measures to restore normalcy to Karachi, he said the army, Rangers or police would not be able to grapple with the deteriorating situation and that politicians were in a better position to deal with the problem as they were responsible for creating it. In case the army is called in, it will lose its deterrence and will become ineffective. About the solution of the problem, the PML-Q chief said all political parties, with or without representation in parliament, should sit together and decide what should be done to deal a mortal blow to terrorists at work. They should not come out of the meeting hall unless they reached a practical solution, said Shujaat, who had briefly been the prime minister during Gen Musharrafs rule and interior minister during the Nawaz Sharif period. He alleged that the PML-N president was the staunchest opponent to the proposal as in it he saw his ego compromised. Mr Sharif is not willing to go to anyone even for the sake of the country, the PML-Q chief said, adding that he himself was prepared to sit even on back benches to serve countrys interests. Many political parties believe that the Rangers and the police would not be able to deliver and the army should be called in without delay to stop the killings. Asked as to what improvement had been brought about in governance after the PML-Q joined the PPP-led coalition on May 2, Ch Shujaat said: The state of uncertainty is over and bureaucracy and other segments of society, who were earlier expecting that the government is on its way out, now believe that the assemblies will complete their term. Also, with the PML-Q joining the coalition, smaller parties have lost their relevance. The PML-Q said lethargy and inertia seen in bureaucracy had now evaporated and all state functionaries had started working actively because they were fully convinced that those who had joined the setup had come to stay. In response to a question, he said it was wrong to say that Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed was opposed to the PML-Q joining the coalition. He said Mr Mushahid no longer was predicting the fall of the government. According to him, the PML-Q secretary general was working to strengthen the government. SEAT ADJUSTMENTS: In response to a question about seat adjustments between the PPP and the PML-Q, Shujaat said the process would be started during the current month. He indicated that it was not necessary that PML-Q winners of the 2008 elections would be awarded tickets for the next polls, as was decided earlier. The leaders of the two parties would discuss the on-ground situation in every constituency and select a candidate who stands a better chance of getting elected. The position of the PML-N candidates in all constituencies would also be kept in sight while taking decisions, he elaborated. Ch Shujaat said 19 Senators of the PML-Q would retire after serving out their six-year term in March next year. The replacements for the retiring parliamentarians would be decided jointly by the PPP and the PML-Q. He said while his party would have senators from all provinces, the PML-N would be confined to Punjab. According to the PML-Q chief, the PPP would have a two-thirds majority in Upper House of parliament as a result of new Senate elections. ON GOVTS FAILURE: When asked to comment on the general perception that the present government has failed to deliver on all fronts, Shujaat said as a matter of fact the PPP had come to power after a long time and lacked manpower to run the system. Also, he said, the party did not have capable leadership after the assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto. He said notwithstanding the previous situation, the PML-Q was trying to solve all major problems at the earliest possible. He believed that loadshedding and lawlessness would be overcome soon, but price hike would not come under control unless the overall situation in the country witnessed improvement. He said there was need for urgent steps to promote industrialisation. Questioned if he would agree that the problems being faced by the present government were the legacy of the Musharraf era, when the PML-Q was in power, Shujaat said: True that problems surfaced during that period, but now all energies should be focused on solving them. ALLIANCE, POLLS: About his partys alliance with the PPP, Shujaat said it would be very durable and both the parties would stay together even after the next elections. He said President Zardari was very flexible in his approach, as a result of which the PML-Q visualised no problem in the working of the coalition. He was all praise for the policy of reconciliation adopted by President Zardari. The situation in Sindh would have been very bad in the absence of this policy, he observed. He said the president genuinely believed that the PPP, the MQM and the ANP should work together. Chaudhry Shujaat saw no chance of elections being held before time. Elections would be held on time, when the assemblies completed their five-year constitutional term. He said whether those demanding immediate elections would bring with them some magic solution to price-hike, lawlessness and other problems facing the country. Fresh elections are no solution to any problem. He said the Punjab government would not be destabilised as the ruling coalition at the Centre would not like to make the PML-N a political martyr. He did not give much importance to the PML-Q (Likeminded group)s alliance with the PML-N, claiming that most of the so-called dissidents were unable to get elected. He believed that ultimately they would return to the PML-Q fold. Answering a question, he said the chapter of unification of various factions of the PML stood closed after alliance between the PPP and the PML-Q. He said the PML-N would stand exposed at the time of the next elections. MOONIS ELAHI CASE: The PML-Q chief said his nephew Moonis Elahi would not have come all the way from London to surrender to a court of law if he had committed any offence. Also, he said instead of seeking bail, Moonis offered himself for trial, which amply showed that he believed that the allegations against him held no water. Ch Shujaat said although the government could withdraw the case against Moonis anytime, the PML-Q wanted the trial completed. Well not seek any concessions from the government. We believe that Moonis will be acquitted through the process of law.