BRUSSELS (AFP) - European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao spoke by phone on Friday on the steps the eurozone is taking to resolve the debt crisis, an EU spokesman said. The two leaders discussed the global economic situation and EU-China relations ahead of a bilateral summit in October and the meeting of Group of 20 heads of state and government in Cannes, France in November, the spokesman said. President Barroso mentioned to Premier Wen the measures that are being taken in Europe to address the current economic situation and Premier Wen expressed his support for the actions underway in Europe, Alejandro Ulzurrun de Asanza y Munoz, a commission spokesman, told a news briefing. In view of the G20 summit, Wen and Barroso discussed the need to work together ... in order to foster growth and address global imbalances. Chinese leaders have repeatedly expressed their confidence in the eurozone economies during the crisis, and the country has invested an increasing portion of its world-leading foreign exchange reserves in euro-denominated assets. European countries are major buyers of Chinese exports and it is in Beijings interest to ensure the value of the euro does not weaken.