MULTAN - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has declared that no armed wing of any political party will be tolerated but asserted that involvement of foreign hand in deterioration of situation in Karachi cannot be ruled out too. He was talking to a delegation of senior journalists in Multan on Wednesday. The premier, who had come to his native town on a two-day visit, flew back to Islamabad Thursday noon. Gilani said that the government had decided to take strict action against those found involved in terrorism. He said that an indiscriminate action would be launched against criminals and 'qabza mafia, extortionists and terrorists to crush them all. He issued a warning to land grabbers, asking them to vacate state lands within one month. Replying to a question on MQM, he said that he could not say anything at this point on whether or not MQM would rejoin government but MQM was a reality. Now were going to adopt measures with the cooperation of MQM, ANP and JI to restore peace in Karachi, he said. Referring to Pak-US relations, he admitted that the ties stumbled after Raymond Davis and Abbottabad incidents. He said that Pakistan wanted to develop bilateral relations with US on basis of mutual interest and honour. He said that earlier Pakistan and US carried out many successful joint operations against al-Qaeda network through intelligence sharing but Abbottabad operation reflected that the 'US does not trust us. Weve got recorded strong protest on Abbottabad operation, he added. Answering a question on attack on Pakistani forces post in Chitral, the premier said that some powers were manipulating to harm Pak-Afghan relations. Gilani said that both the countries believed that Pak-Afghan cooperation was vital for regional peace. He said that Chitral incident was intended to dent the mutual relations and Pakistan had asked allied forces to play their role for foiling any likewise attempt in future. To a question on new electoral rolls, he said that new computersied voter lists would be compiled till April 2012. What I think is that it will be an appropriate time for all provinces to hold local government polls, he added. Answering a query on Saraiki province, he said that the idea of other new provinces was tossed by some quarters to weaken the case of Saraiki province. He said that the country would further strengthen with the creation of new provinces. He said that it was a reality that a strong sense of deprivation persists in South Punjab because of negligence of 63 years. He said that the government wanted to bring Multan, Bahawalpur, DG Khan and entire South Punjab region at par with all other developed regions of the country. Citing the example of East Pakistan, he said that the country had to suffer the loss of disintegration because of the sense of deprivation that prevailed in that part of the country. He said that some people disliked word Saraiki. But I want to tell them that whatever name you give to flower, it will continue to give fragrance, he added. The premier revealed that a proposal regarding declaring South Punjab a tax-free zone was also under consideration. He hoped that development and industrial projects would help eliminate poverty from this region.