WASHINGTON - A prominent Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, citing police spying of Muslims in New York, Friday called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enforce a law that prohibits the use of racial or ethnic profiling by law enforcement officers. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) made that request following new revelations by a media report that the New York Police Deptt (NYPD) teams of undercover officers kept tabs on where Muslims shopped, ate and prayed. It said the NYPD "maintained a list of 'ancestries of interest' and dispatched undercover officers to monitor Muslim businesses and social groups." The revelations are contained in documents that confirm an earlier report by Associated Press, the American news agency, that undercover NYPD officers in a so-called "Demographics Unit" targeted Muslim communities in NY, New Jersey and Connecticut for surveillance and infiltration. After collecting data on local Muslims, the NYPD would "deploy officers in civilian clothes throughout the ethnic communities." NYPD officials denied the Demographics Unit even exists. According to the AP: "An NYPD presentation described the mission and makeup of the Demographics Unit. Undercover officers were told to look not only for evidence of terror and crimes but also to determine the ethnicity of business owners and eavesdrop on conversations inside cafes." The law CAIR said it seeks to have enforced, Local Law No. 30 Int. 142-B (2004), states in part: "Every member of the police department or other law enforcement officer shall be prohibited from racial or ethnic profiling."