ISLAMABAD (Online) - Pakistan has failed to get stay from the International Court of Arbitration against construction of Kishanganga Hydroelectric Power Project (KHEP) by India. At the ICA hearing at The Hague, Pakistan aimed at obtaining a stay order to put a halt to the KHEP, which it said would seriously hinder its own Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project (NHJEP). However, it failed to get stay against India's KHEP construction. According to sources, the arbitrary court judge asked India to submit a report on environmental effects caused by the construction of the dam. The Indian delegation informed the court that it would submit the report on Oct 7. However, the court asked India to submit the report of environmental effects caused by the construction of KHEP on September 7. Pakistan has been objecting to the construction of KHEP project on the Ganga River in Kashmir.