Impressed with the marketing campaign, I decided to subscribe to PTCL smart TV service. I placed an order of smart TV connection on 15th August 2011 vide registration no. 221 NSQT and I was told that the smart TV would be installed within one week. After then nobody bothered to take care this order. I perused my order after 7 days and I was told that within 24/48 hrs it would be installed. Nothing happened. On 27th August I visited F-11 exchange and my complaint was registered once again and it was committed by the staff present there to install smart TV on the same day. It is 30th of August and I am being told to wait till the next Monday that is 5th September 2011. Nobody has free time to pursue your business. I am of the opinion that PTCL is concentrating on promotion only and they have no strategy in place for deployment and troubleshooting. This experience highlighted the fact yet again that PTCL is really pathetic when it comes to customer support. While they are spending millions on promotion and Corporate Branding, they are not giving a damn for customer satisfaction. To conclude, PTCL commits but never delivers. M. MUSHTAQ SHAHID, Islamabad, August 30.