KARACHI (Agencies) - Interior Minister Rehman Malik, claiming that the situation in Karachi has made a marked improvement, said that Pakistan will follow the policy of deradipca- lisation being pursued by Saudi Arabia. Malk made these comments on the second day of Eid during a surprise visit to Empress Market in Karachi. We want to remove concepts of extremism from the society and it is our aim to eliminate the groups of terrorists with their nefarious designs and affiliation with political groups or extortionists in one way or the other, Malik said. Following a series of deadly attacks in 2003, the Saudi Arabian government had created a counterterrorism strategy focusing on rehabilitating extremists and preventing their violent ideology from spreading. Malik said the government is fully determined to expose all elements involved in acts of terrorism across the country. It is our objective and plan to work with the youth to introduce community policing with the cooperation of area police and paramilitary force in Karachi, he added. Malik said after Eid holidays, media would be given the recordings and DVDs of alleged terrorists, who, according to him, had confessed their crimes and their modus operandi. The minister has earlier made several promises of exposing the arrested terrorists to the media. He also said that 'surgical operations are still being conducted in the city, in which the govt has been achieving some success. Malik further stated that at least 40 suspects have been arrested during these operations. Meanwhile, Rehman Malik on Thursday awarded Rs 25,000 cash to a boy upon breaking his toy gun as a sign of cleansing the city from weapons to restore peace. During a visit to residence of slain PPP leader and chairman of Peoples Unity Aamir Shah, he condoled with the family over his demise and announced to provide jobs to his two brothers. Talking to family members, Malik said the slain leader was an asset for the PPP and that his services for the party will be remembered for long. Later, the minister visited the area and inquired from the locals about the law and order situation. Upon looking at the plastic gun in the hands of a child, the minister asked the kid to break that gun as children should not play with toys like that. The child immediately broke his gun. In appreciation of the gesture, the minister gave him Rs 25,000.