LAHORE A record number of 172,000 visitors visited the Lahore Zoo during the three Eid days, breaking the five-year old record, and the Zoo administration said they generated over Rs2.1 million in revenue by selling tickets during the festival, TheNation learnt on Friday. Meanwhile, the visitors, including women and children, were witnessed enjoying their visit of different sections of the Zoo. They included the animal and bird cages. They did this under a peaceful atmosphere and with a cover of foolproof security. About 70 children, however, received minor injuries during their visits by felling and slipping from slides and while trying to jump over the barriers outside of the animal cages. Praising his team, Zoo Director Zahid Iqbal told TheNation that they had ensured special security arrangements on the Eid days so that the visitors could enjoy their recreational activities during their visit of the Zoo with peace of mind. He said that the administration installed security cameras as well at all the sensitive points for security point of view in general and monitoring the activities of the naughty children and youngsters in particular so that they could not cross the security barriers and fences for teasing animals particularly near the cages of such dangerous animals like lions, bears, leopards and others. He said that the administration left no stone unturned for ensuring provision of all the essential facilities for the people, visiting the Zoo such as water coolers, security and parking facility as well. He said that due to the efficient performance of the staffers, not a single unpleasant incident occurred during three days of Eid within the premises of Zoo. The staffers also ensured to keep the traffic flow smooth at outside of the both entry/exit gates, he added. He further informed that the Zoo administration purchased two hundred new birds including 100 beautiful peacocks and 100 birds belonging to different species for the attraction of the visitors especially for the bird lovers. He said that the Zoo administration also is planning to buy more precious bird species from different countries and the development in this regard is underway for attracting people, generating more revenue and attracting the citizens. We were expecting more visitors on this Eid as compared to the previous festivals. That was why we increased the number of ticket booths at both the entry gates of the Zoo, with maximum parking facility to the visitors, Zahid Iqbal further said. He said the Zoo administration had generated enough revenue on this Eid. Now we are expecting still more revenue on the days leading up to next Sunday. Iqbal said they had arranged wildlife guides who were deployed at various important points inside the Zoo, especially near the tiger and bear cages to provide necessary information to visitors about the beasts and birds, their natural habitats and habits, average lifespan, food, etc. However, it was witnessed that the cages with tigers, lions, and monkeys remained the centre of attraction for visitors. Children showed their keen interest for riding on Suzi the elephant.